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03 November 2008 @ 08:09 am
Tutorial List, Part Four - Guides and Misc. Tutorials  
*NOTE* None of these tutorials are mine!

Font Guide by ownthesunshine
Font Guide by killcolor
font guide by soul_flowers
Font Guides 1 2 by virtuosities
text methods by propaganda_live
Texture Guide: using textures in icons by ownthesunshine
guide on using textures, v.2 by ownthesunshine
A texture use guide by soul_flowers
Texture guide by virtuosities
making textures fron photos by bchsbunny2005
making radial lens flares by may_icons
making color radial lens flaresl by ennife
making grunge textures from photos by distractiions
making grey grunge textures by pildas
cropping guide by xswaniconsx
cropping tut by coupdefoudre
color layers guide by justaddcolor
handwritten icons/making notebook textures by abcdefghijkimmi
text-only icons guide by grrliz_icons
text icon mini tutorial by everyflaw
Sunburst texture guide by iconnaissances
coloring tutorial by dreamt_too_late
Avril Lavigne banner tutorial by scatterheart
gradient map tutorial by scatterheart
scratch texture tutorial by ippai_kitai
making brush sets in PS
Blake Lively blurred coloring tutorial by x_blondee_x
Lindsay Lohan coloring tutorial by vodkalust
How to distort text in P SCS2 by tinini
texture usage tutorial by six_two_four
britney coloring by gfxgurl
cropping tutorial by archangelus
Gossip Girl screencap fixing tutorial by firstillusion
blue screencap fixing tutorial by stars_scream

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Tutorial List, Part Two - Full Icon Tutorials
Tutorial List, Part Three - Blends and Larger Graphics
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